WHEN GODS ATTACK, Exactly where do we run?

Breaking news;

It has come to our investigators attention that as in 2004, God is again attacking our brave nation. The 4 hurricanes that assaulted Florida that year, seemed to be a warning shot at the state for its past election misconduct.

Now we have learned that tornadoes were sent to warn the Democratic convention to keep it in line. Not all of our analyst agree on why God is sending potentially devastating hurricanes to the shores of the USA, just as the GOP is to hold its convention. Some have suggested that the attack is on the oil industry, to warn it from manipulating America and the GOP even more than it already does.

Still others have suggested that the hurricanes will be aimed at their convention site itself. However, we feel God knows how far a hurricane can actually penetrate. Some feel the punishment is to highlight how during an election year, after the Katrina debacle, God is showing the behavior opportunism will produce, by having an overwhelming active response by the administration, particularly now that the effected states have governors of the same party. They offer that it is not unknown that devastating hurricanes can occur during any year. So Katrina’s results were not unanticipated as was suggested.

All this analysis as to Gods intentions was produced according to the often conservative and at times liberal analysis, that tragedies are never accidents. That God is showing some displeasure, be it to punish the liberals, the gays, the permissive, the whatevers. It is well known that individuals in tragedies often credit God with blessing them, leaving one to wonder what they think He ment to show the ones who were killed or maimed.

One thing we do know; God does not believe in reverse psychology. The 10 commandments are not there to actually inspire us to do the opposite of what they propose, although many do. From this perspective, we can assume that God is attacking during the GOP convention, not to aid them, but to negatively impact their cause. In this way it is said; God is straight forward, but we humans will take credit for any opportunity’s that tragedy creates, then go on to use Gods name in vain, or for our own vanity.

The question becomes; will the convention then run from its time period to avoid the wrath of God?


GOLD BECOMES CASH—history’s meltdown–joke

WELCOME TO GOLD-R-US ——–(this is a pretend commercial folks)

I’m sure you have seen the commercials for striking gold at home. Send the envelopes full of your families gold jewelry, and we will send you back cold hard cash!

Well actually, the cash will be a check, neither cold nor hard.

So here at Gold-R-US, we aim to put your personal gold strike into perspective. What better way, than have testimonials of real flesh and blood GOLD-R-US personal gold mine winners?

So to wet the shovels and dreams of your own personal gold mine, here are a few of our recent gold strike success stories.

We know upon seeing these golden fellow citizens, you to will hurry to the attics, the closets, under the drawers, even “house sit” at your neighbors for free, after the golden sparkle hits you to.

Without further proselytizing, here they are:

Guthry O says;

Well, sure I will give you all a testimonial.

Upon seeing your commercials on TV, I realized we, I mean I realized I had some of that gold right here in my own house.

You see, my great, great, great, great, granddad was in the Civil War. I think he was one of the guys who took care of general Lee’s horses. Did you know about a million horses were killed during the Civil War? Sounds to me like it should be called the Civil and Horse Wars. My father said his father told him they even had to care for Oxen at times! Isn’t that wild!


Lee apparently gave my ancestor a solid gold knife holder for his belt. Some southern Governor had given it to him. General Robert E. Lee was so grateful to my family for having kept his horses in such good condition.

I grew up with that knife shield thing locked inside a gun case that my granddad had, and latter gave to my father near his death. I figured I would pass it on to my own son someday, but since I don’t have one and hardy ever even have a date, I figured this was my ancestors way of handing me a gift horse in the mouth.

I’m sure he would have approved of my decision to cash that history in for something useful. No point in being all sentimental over something locked up and out of reach. I figure my grandpa, and the grandpa that got this gift would be fine with me giving myself one. Keeping it all in the family so to speak.

I cut the knife shield up to fit in the envelope. Gold cut easy with a hack saw, but some of it did kinda melt into the blade teeth, so I picked that out with a pin I had a poster of Toby Keith pinned up with. Don’t worry. I put the pin back.

Well, I stuck gold you all, just like you said. I got $500 from old gramps, and that was enough for me to get this new grill set.

It’s what some people call a chick magnet. Maybe now I’ll make my own ancestor and I can pass my grill onto them. If their mouth is the same size, it might even insure ancestors for generations to come!

What do you think?

Here is the photo of my brand spanken shinny new grill. I polish it and what not to keep it in good shape. After all, we’re talking about history here.

My photo is below. I put it down there to be a surprise. I bet the chicks will be surprised some day real soon…

I’m going to put these photo’s in the case where the old grandpa’s was with the knife and all.

In homage to him, I’m even going to make one of these look oldish. I’m sure my ancestors would be real proud of what I’ve done.

I’d do it again if I had more dead relatives worth anything, I’m tellen’ ya.

My grandchildren might have to get rid of a few teeth in front like me, but I’m sure that is a sacrifice anyone would be happy to make, just to have this incredible twinkle for each and every word. How could anyone not pay attention to me now that everything I say sparkles like the sun!

Thanks again Gold-R-US. You truly make dreams come true. I encourage everyone to melt down their heirlooms today, but don’t get a grill like mine. I’d rather stay one of a kind.

Gold-R-US Rocks! Like Toby!

Candy K says;

I’m glad to give a testimonial to you guys.

My story came from my mom. Her grandmother gave her this ring that was from England. Seems that her great grandfather was a great carpenter, when carpenters still cared and stuff. I don’t know how the England connection came about, but that grandfather was commissioned to do this huge carpentry piece for the Queen of England. This was supposed to be a surprise, so most no one knew about it. As the story goes, that grandfather finished this big piece of furniture in Chicago, only to hear that the guy who commissioned it died and no one knew about it.

Well, almost no one. About a year later, after that granddad had tried to sell the piece anyway to the Royal Family, they thought he was some kind of nut or con man. Nevertheless, a year later, some kind of diplomat or something showed up at that granddads door with a gift. That gift was a ring allegedly had by one of King Henry’s wives or something like that. Unfortunately, the stone was gone, but there was engraving that said to whomever from your King Blah, blah, blah.

I had seen a TV special on PBS about this King Henry the 8 character, and I hated him. I could not believe fate handed me a chance to get back at that creep. Suddenly this commercial comes up; melt down your waisting away gold for some real money at Gold-R-US, we enable dreams to come true, and boy did they ever!

I sent that ring in, not sure that snake of a creepy jerk didn’t give his wives fake jewelry or something. $250.00 in a check! Now who is the fool old King sleaze ball! Guess who got the last laugh over your sorry a*s!

I had been eying one of those really cool foreign door pieces. It seemed only fitting to bring back some wood over this whole thing.

It is a shame that in India, Pakistan or wherever they are taking whole towns apart to fit into the modern world. The people cannot wait to discard their own old history! It is really, really sad. I’m glad to have salvaged this door or window from the import store. At least somebody cares for their history and architecture if they don’t. What is the big hurry to get plastic and steel anyway?

I don’t have anywhere to put this that works yet, so I keeping it in the attic for safe keeping. I could not have gotten this without your help Gold-R-US, you guys are really doing the whole world a favor. We get to save what is worth saving, and getting rid of the bad vibe stuff the creeps have handed down after having their way and all.

Love you Gold-R-US!

Hey Henry! Kiss my but! Loser!

Thanks again. Another happy camper who struck gold.

Candice K



Someone with a gas card deal replied on another blog of mine that we cannot hope the government will fix our gas woes. So I wonder who will? $15.00 gas has been mentioned in the media.

Perhaps we will form citizen bands to pass gas from the refinery in cups down the interstates. We could all stand a few feet apart to cut the transportation cost. We could also get genetically engineered to siphon Hydrogen out of the air with gills so we could afford to stand there. Reverse umbrellas could act as water gathering devises so we can have a cool drink as we pass the cups along.

I feel this is more sensible than letting government, big government, charge us or whatever it does for its services. Unless government is killing people or locking them up it’s of no use. Sure. I believe that! It is everyone for themselves unless wealth’s way of privileged life is in question. Then we are all in this together, thank you that big government. Calling all suckers. Get ready to syphon.

Are you on-board?
I’m selling oil resistant shoes for those inevitable drips.

If all goes well I will be rolling in money, become a big success and not worry over energy cost. I will have the last laugh. Then I will make shares in my corporation public. Wow! Your pain will be my gain! Hurray pain, hurray!  I suppose I will be pro pain then.




Spam on Spam.

Spam mixed with your words and some kind of code.

Spam in funny language’s that seem fake.

Spamtastic spam made to seem like a short reply.

Humungous spamaria flowing all over the page in blue so you can click on something (I never have) and go who knows where, down which drain pipe.

Welcome to the nonsensical world of the spammers who are apparently outwitting someone or something. But as far as I go, they are waisting their time.

Everybody must get spammed.

Have a spamerific day.



For those who missed the first?


For those who were told to get a life, they got a real fake one. Where they end up often paying for their own imagination!

Imagine that!

It is free here.

No sexy and enhanced avatars. I laugh when I see the real people compared to their imaginary selves.

To each their own.

How dare you criticize cyberspace stuff!

Are not blogs essentially given to imaginary audiences?

How dare this writer question his own pondering!

We will convene our imaginary court.

With our imaginary judge and jury.

Then we will ban you from cyberspace for eternity!

Don’t condemn what you do not know.


I did not know second life could be carried out all inside the same persons head.


At war with oneself–animation

Just click on the link below, click on play, then leave the mouse alone.

I was sent this and just had to put it up for you to see. Not kidding.


Animator vs. Animation



There may be some three and one quarter million (shortly) blogs on the WordPress.

So we ask this question: WHY DO YOU DO IT?

For many, it is not money apparently, but time is spent typing and coming up with whatever it is you come up with. Why do you do it? There, alone at the lonely keyboard? Today, just on the WordPress, some 100,000 something of you will type out many millions of words. Each word cost .01 calories to produce. This results in a net loss of carbon footprint; than if you were out walking, or talking with someone making body gestures and such. But close to being a couch potato. Perhaps a high definition onion.

Point number one; I just made up that calorie figure.

The blog-o-sphere Internets tubey thingy is full of unverifiable information, suggestions, conceptions, and notions, plus many things I will not mention. Amidst all this highly questionable material, still you decide to blog, and one of you actually decided to read this post.

Point number two; The search for meaning and affirmation in a life of disconnection.

Despite the anonymity inherent to most post, many continue there search for existential meaning on the WEB. For some, it is the opportunity to be heard, no matter how ridiculous ones expression is, or how much you are ignored in the real world. Observe the invisible one typing at this moment. Yes you typer, this is the Great Spirit of the Internet asking you, why do you persist? Is it in the vain hope that the collective information of the Internet will evolve into the future life form of humankind’s destiny, and in this thin prospect, you place yourself as a serving on the plate of being? Just in case that other afterlife thing does not work out as advertised?

Point number three; Nutty and flashy titles get recognition and attention. Is this cheep billboard self glory the reason why you type?

Observe the standard titles of many top post (this one excluded of course), they often seem intellectually/emotionally immature, yet the interest grabbed is worth the effort to come up with a better fish hook. Secret point number four; The self confidence natural to being the editor and producer of your own blog lets you speak in utter certainty about things you can never be certain of. At least not as certain as you let on.

But since it is late, I will discontinue this post now, yet insert tags and categories, a bunch of them, just on that odd chance that someone, yes just one, you, will listen to even things without perfect endings.

and Jimmy calling me to come into the cat pen and play. I built the adobe outdoor room.



FEAR AND Paranoia, they easily spread like wildfires. This truth, especially as it applies to men, has had the USA both use atomic weapons on another nation, and willing to start a nuclear war over the positioning of nuclear weapons during the Cuban Missile Crisis. We may like to point our fingers at nearly every contrary interest in the world as being dangerous, but when it comes to real WMD use, it is the good old USA that has shown its willingness to use them against other human beings.

Right. When we are at war, we do not consider the other side to be human beings, so that opens up this notion of wiping out your opponent. We are not the first nation or tribe willing to threaten genocide or obliteration of their enemies. Humans throughout history have done to others what they would not ever wish upon their own. This is exactly the problem!

These days we are building the equivalent of concentration camps, but for whom exactly? What worse case scenario are some planning for? Is this not like weaponry, that if someone builds them, they then look for reasons to take advantage of their assumed advantage?

How often is this kind of opportunist mindset, resisted indefinitely? We used atomic weapons right off the bat! And you are to feel justified that we did! Now why would not this kind of rationalization apply to other human beings as well? Well, it so happens it does, as we discovered on 9-11. 19 losers of a sort, allegedly changed the metric on conflict and all our rights being rendered conditional, into a kind of quasi martial law that lets the executive do whatever it wants.

Who knew our history of freedom and standing up for freedom could be rendered mute so easily? We have a new set of violations to the Spirit of America that have more or less gone under the radar. Since we have now established that “appearances” are used as an excuse to trump actual election tallies to completion, we now have a faux or designer pseudo democracy. One where a vote count within a few million can be exorcised with a political party biased court in place. We have already seen how easy it is to overthrow democracy from within, and how safeguards to most institutional abuse are now removed when one party decides to act as if it were to be the one party state!


We now have in place, those who do not care what legacy of all of our history they destroy in the perverted name of defending it. We also have a fourth estate and other institutions who will go along with the destruction of freedom, in freedoms name. The nepotism, crony ism, corruption, and incompetence expected when these sorts of conservatives, yes conservatives, decide to save freedom from itself, is blatant today right here in the good old USA. We have seen the willingness of leaders who care not what their actions produce in the world any more than those who drop atom bombs on other nations, for expedience sake of course.

So we are led to speculate on the next scenario possibly being conceived to swing the election from a public that will have its eyes plucked out metaphorically speaking, and so left to the hands that pull their ignorance around their own heads as if it were a gift from God. The blind will and are leading the blind, and nary a one can or will do a thing about it. We have created an authoritarian bank account here in America, all those deposits are going to go to some risky scheme some time.

It is quite possible that Iran is being set up to coincide, like the other attacks and warnings, with the electoral process in the US. We have seen how what is called patriotism, or rallying around the leader and the leaders associates, is expected and usually delivered by a stupefied and frightened public. Indeed, we could say that all the boisterous, and jingoist pandering as occurred before the Iraq war, will be greatly facilitated by a corrupt and compromised corporate forth estate. Who are highly vested in the status quo, as well as US supremacy, no matter how misguided or historically deaf and dumb the blundering investment will be. It is running on a delusional fantasy, with our ankles tied around its lead weight along side the ship of state.

We will also see the usual right wing sycophants with their bull horns, trying to keep any contrary truths out of view, or have them tainted with ad-hominem venom, to poison the public from exercising their critical thinking abilities, and otherwise, act like a cult ready to swallow the cool-aid.

We are being frisked by fear at the gas pump. The soaring prices will be met with other prices going up across the boards, while income dwindles. Corporations have the right to pass on their expenses to you. You have no such right! Hum? How could this set up to rob have happened? So called Free Enterprise? Know who actually gets the prise?

That some pols have the conservative candidate so close to the less, speaks to the lack of light going into many hearts, minds and souls. Under this shadow this Memorial Weekend, while we honor those who gave their lives for our right to be free, those who hate freedoms full expression, will speak of its glory and triumph. This, while those who live under the pale light left visible in the USA, see the glistening of barbed wire points, unwinding above fences around newly constructed internment camps. Who are these for? You may well find out soon enough.



I remember hearing of how mass transportation was strangled way back when, so the more lucrative car for everybody culture could go forth and strangle us all. Not only does pollution and its car connections threaten the planet, but our consumer lifestyle is driving the worlds emerging “individualist” to all want the same things.

We gamble that some new discovery will magically save us in nick of time, but time may have already run out. Yet where is the US governments response to out of control oil prices expected to top out at up to $175.00 a barrel!  What are the plans?  The We the People plans? Were all in this together only when terror threatens the wealth’s portfolio’s, otherwise, the rest of us are good only for recruiting to fight purposes.  Go screw yourself, you want something for nothing liberals?

In these coming hurricanes, we are all in the bathtub together, the conservatives hands are legally around our necks.  For the structure of nation, the opportunist wind only blows one way.  Who can raise their prices, while you cannot raise you wages, or claim; “I am paying less on all my bills because I no longer can keep up with inflation.”  Right!

So in honor to the upcoming end of things I would like to thank all the predatory opportunist who live to destroy the commons and make a buck out of parting creation out to the highest bidder. I understand why you never gave a damn about me, or us. I know how appealing and addicting greed is. It is so addicting when one rises above the commoners; that being more like God in ones own mind and being able to display the evidence around you, seems like an ego’s grandiose dream come true.

I am glad to pay more and more until the wallet is empty so the wealthy oil executives and stock holders keep secure in their high expectation lifestyle. We live for your service, and I’m quite confident everyone reading this will send you a thank you card (if stamps are under a dollar) when our cars are decommissioned. We will wait for trains that do not come to anywhere near us. Commercials will tell how walking is so healthy for those of you who must.  How secretly lucky you are by your situation.  Don’t be too surprised if it happens.  But then; why would they even waist money on telling us how lucky we are to be in poverty?  Probably won’t have TV sets anymore!

So here’s to opportunist one and all. As societies and cultures atrophy around the rest of us, I hope your mansions air conditioners will work fine off of those personal oil and gas storage tanks of yours.

Keep cool. It is very important.



I am glad that I’m old enough not to get in on the texting craze.  Like I need to be typing symbols and nultiple punches just to get one letter, I can barely make out the numbers on my phone!

I once upon-a-time used a pager, before this millennium, to send symbols that meant words.  It was a cute way to send a message and not have to make an actual phone call, whoopee!

I see these kids walking down the street while looking insane and punching out whatever, like the car heading right at them didn’t matter.

Once it was the sorry sorts who had their “heads up in the clouds.”  Now we have the makings of many ailments to come for these join in the crowd text messengers, with their eyes in their fingers  Blurred vision, nerve damage to fingers and what not.  Not to mention that dent they left in some cars hood.

e+=n#j58oy the ride!

January 2021